Workforce Sustainability

Workforce sustainability is about attracting and retaining the right people, with the right skills and capabilities, to meet current and future business requirements. It also means having a high level of engagement and motivation among our employees, so that they are able to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.

Workforce sustainability is a strategic priority for Peak Performance PM, and we have a clear strategy to:

  • Attract and retain the right people.
  • Assess and grow our human capital.
  • Build a resilient, engaged and high performing workforce.
  • Maintain work/life balance.

To help us attract and retain employees, we offer our people workplace options which are flexible enough to meet their needs and changing circumstances. Part time employment, flexible hours, compressed working weeks, job sharing arrangements, and telecommuting where appropriate are all available.

Assessing and growing human capital means investing in talent development and ensuring succession plans are in place for key roles. It's about developing our employees to reach their full potential so that they can be future leaders of our business. We do this by offering individual continuous development programs, supporting extra curricular training and education, and by providing financial and leave support for those pursuing tertiary education and professional qualifications.

Building a resilient, engaged and high performing workforce is our ultimate objective. The performance of our people has a direct impact on the performance of our business and understanding that link we actively manage it.

The safety of our employees is paramount. Each employee has a responsibility for their own safety,  and the safety of others around them. We take our duty of care to our employees and their dependants very seriously, that is why safety is given the highest level of importance at Peak Performance PM.


Want to learn how to build and maintain a sustainable workforce? Why not contact us and attend one of our highly successful Workforce Sustainability - Facilitation Workshops?