Stakeholder Management

A key discipline area of managing successful projects is in identifying all of the stakeholders involved and then gaining the understanding of their respective stake in the project, and understanding the success criteria that they have for  the project.


Our consultants are specialists in this area and they will guide your own project team through the steps of:-


Stakeholder Identification

Where a workshop, or series of workshops, are held to harness the creative energy of the subject matter experts, assigned to the project, together with the key client contacts and project sponsor, to identify, through the use of facilitated group techniques, the complete range of stakeholders who will be impacted by the project under review.


Stakeholder Ranking

The next stage in the process is to analyse, categorise, and then group the stakeholders into beneficiaries, and those who are not beneficiaries, from the planned project outcomes. The stakeholders are then ranked, in order of importance, based on whether they are active or passive, decision makers or key influencers.


Stakeholder Needs Identification

The third stage is to take the key stakeholders through a Future Visioning exercise, to map out the needs and benefits, goals and objectives, that they believe to be true about the future project outcomes. Also addressed are what makes a quality outcome? And what does, timely, clear and concise reporting mean to them?


Stakeholder Rapport Building

The final stage in the process, is to begin building true rapport with the stakeholders ranked as most important. This is a key area often neglected, but one that if managed correctly can yield considerable dividends for the project in terms of commitment and ongoing support for the project.


Stakeholder Expectations Management

As an ongoing exercise the project team will be given periodic guidance, as required, on how to remain engaged, with the key stakeholders, and to continuously strengthen rapport with those stakeholders, throughout the life of the project, to ensure that the stakeholders needs, as they might be revised from time to time, are still being fully addressed throughout the project lifecycle.


To achieve this we have carefully sought out individuals, who are not only very experienced and knowledgeable, in this specialised field, but who can also inspire and motivate the program or project team members. That is why we refer to our facilitators as Peak Performance Coaches.


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