Project Needs

The project has just begin and already the scope is galloping away as it changes from day to day. Why does this always seem to happen? More importantly how can we get things back under control?


The chances are that the key stakeholders have not been correctly engaged, and their true complete requirements and benefits, have not been fully elicited.


For a  consistent approach to capturing real project needs the project initiation team need to start early, and be assisted in capturing and disseminating the valuable detail of what the key stakeholders are really looking to achieve with the project, and what benefits they will be looking for to measure success.


At Peak Performance PM we recognise that all projects have specific "needs" and that these are really expressions of the benefits the project is intended to deliver, to the receiving organisation.


Peak Performance PM therefore advocate that an effective project start up takes time, to identify the key stakeholder's, their needs, and there intended benefits. This we believe can only be achieved by fully engaging with them at the outset, to identify the minimum outcomes that will secure the success of the project in terms of benefits realisation.


At Peak Performance PM we provide a fully tailored facilitated Projects Needs Elicitation workshop service. This will enable your team members to establish clearly the stakeholders key needs, define the objectives of the project, and define exactly what is required to be done to meet those objectives, and then work to deliver the envisaged project benefits.


This allows the project to set off on the right foot, with all key stakeholders engaged, and to be guided, through a facilitated workshop to capture the key project needs and objectives.


Using industry standard approaches, we carefully establish the "needs", whilst separating these from the "wants". We then crystalise these "needs" into clear, concise objectives, that are easily understood by all parties, before finally looking at "what must be done" to achieve these objectives.


Next we encourage the key stakeholders to evaluate the benefits to themselves, their peers, the organisation and the organisation's clients, in effectively capturing their real needs.


These one or two day, fun filled, fully facilitated workshops, consisting of a facilitated workshop, all associated courseware, and one facilitated follow on Momentum Session, are an essential business investment in getting any organisation off on the right foot on the journey to becoming successful in the art of elicitation of project needs.


The workshops are also a great way to allow your participants to earn Professional Development units.


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