Did you know... January 2013
January 9, 2013

Even though the road to the global economic recovery remains bumpy, post the GFC fallout, the demand for proven and established project management skills remains very strong globally, especially in the following 5 sectors:


1. The Tech Sector:

Wherever there are technology hubs, there is a hot job market for IT related project managers. In both rising and established tech hubs, supply for skilled project managers is struggling to keep up with the demand. Organisations are struggling to fill up their leadership roles, on new tech projects. These organisations complain that “There are simply not enough professionals, who have the PM technical expertise and the communication, leadership, and language skills, necessary to work in a global managed project environment”. Candidates best poised to take advantage of this demand have both an understanding of the required technical skills, coupled with proven project management experience and credentials.


2. Healthcare:

For many healthcare organisations, hiring proven project management talent is a solid way to ensure their projects not only stay on time, and on budget, but, through delivery of real project outcomes and benefits, to also gain a competitive edge. A majority of healthcare CEO’s worldwide reported that they want to capitalise more on innovation to increase efficiency. Project Management can assist and enable this aim.


3. Infrastructure:

Governments around the world are still pouring money into infrastructure projects – Governments tend to  think that infrastructure investment is a safe path to economic growth. Many PM professionals in this sector understand project management, and have some degree of proven experiential skills, but they often do not have the leadership experience to effectively manage key client and other stakeholder’s expectations. This includes managing the broad economic and political risks, inherent to the high-profile, publicly funded infrastructure initiatives. Project managers, who want to build their infrastructure expertise on a global scale, must also have other complimentary skill sets, including, leadership, strong communication, and cross-cultural skills.


4.  Energy:

Traditional energy sectors still remain strong, but renewable power is still the much sought after goal for nations around the world. Within the renewable energy sphere, there has been a steady shift to projects harnessing solar energy. The long term trend suggests that the number of solar power projects will double every year, for the next few years. Within this sector there is a real demand for proven project management skills on larger projects, where there is no substitute for trained, experienced, and credentialed project managers.


5. Financial industry:

The global financial crisis, and the resulting regulatory firestorm, has cracked open mega opportunities for experienced, highly talented and proven project managers. The flurry of mergers and acquisitions, generates hundreds of complex IT transformation projects, and new financial regulations are forcing financial firms to focus more time and money on to compliance related projects.


As the result the PM industry is facing some serious skill shortages. One in four CEO’s canvassed said the skill shortage forced them to delay, or cancel, al least one key strategic initiative over the past 12 months.


Financial organisations want project professionals with a proven record of creating efficiencies through better information management. They also look in the longer term to recruit PM’s who can be their next senior leaders.


Further information can be found from “PM Network, January 2013”, published by Project Management Institute, from which this information was sourced.