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Allocation of PDUs, across the Project Management Institute (PMI)® Talent Triangle™, within the CCRS
July 4, 2016

We had a communication recently from a close colleague, regarding distribution of Professional Development Units, (PDUs), across the Continuing Certification Requirements System, (CCRS), Talent Triangle and what the inbuilt algorithm software in the CCRS would and would not allow.


We offered guidance and we thought it was worth posting this simple “guide”, in case other members of the practitioner community are unsure.


  1. No allocated PDU can reside in more than one category, of the Talent Triangle, at any one time.
  2. All other PMI certifications, besides the Project Management Professional (PMP)®/Program Management Professional (PgMP)® are, in some way, derivatives of the PMP/PgMP certification. This means that within “Technical”, no certification can have a higher PDU value than that of PMP/PgMP.
  3. The total PDU value is derived from adding “Technical” PMP/PgMP +Strategic +Leadership.
  4. The Total PDUs can never be greater than the Course duration hours.


Essentially PMI are entrusting the Register Education Provider’s, (R.E.P)'s, course designers, to attribute the PDUs arising from the course, across the three sides of the “Talent Triangle”, in a fair and just manner.


In so doing there will be obvious trade-offs, in the values attributed across the three dimensions, as there will always be fuzzy boundaries and areas of ambiguity.


That means that if you had a course pre-loaded on the CCRS and a particular client requested you to provide a similar course, to one you have already registered, but with a slightly greater weighting in say “Leadership”, then there is nothing to stop your course designer amending the course content, to meet the enhanced “Leadership” PDU requirement and re-casting the overall PDU distribution to meet the client’s needs. That though would then require the amended course to be assigned another unique identifier number and separately registered on the CCRS.


We were then asked, by the same colleague, “Is there a requirement that, for any course, some technical assignment of PDUs must exist, i.e. even for say a Leadership course?”


Intuitively we thought not, as that would not really support the PMI Talent Triangle model, but we thought it was a good question, to which we did not know the answer for certain, so we raised it with PMI.


PMI came back overnight and confirmed that a course does not necessarily need to contain technical PDUs.


So, for those of us that were unsure, now we know.


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