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A Bit of Self Reflection Goes a Long Way!
July 4, 2016

We are often asked, by practitioner colleagues, how should you place context, around Professional Development Unit (PDU) claims for Continued Certification Requirements. We advise that when recording your Continuing Certification Requirement PDUs, on the CCRS, don’t forget to add a reflection statement to your record.


Reflection is really an integral part of the CCR process. If you are listing an activity on your CCRS record, as being part of your professional development, it makes sense to record how this activity has contributed. It does not need to be lengthy to provide context.


When commenting on training courses, events or seminars, it may be helpful to detail the key things you learned and how you can put them into practice. For example:


“I am now aware of the issues surrounding Subcontractor Contract Management. I am better aware of the impact these might have on scheduling and will consider the possibility of encountering these issues in the course of future projects.”


Even routine training can merit some reflective comments, i.e.: “This was a mandatory course on matters I deal with daily in my role. I won’t be changing anything I’m doing but my knowledge of the subject has been refreshed and reinforced.


Remember, if you can’t find anything to reflect upon, regarding an activity, you may wish to consider if it was worth listing as part of your CCR.


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