Lessons Learned

The project has just ended, some things went well, other things still continue to offer opportunities for improvement, but you are not sure which areas, or more importantly where, beneficial changes can be made.


This poses the question how do we, as progressive learning organisations, capture the key points and information, that will give the organisation meaningful constructive feedback, so that we can feed forward that key information, and avoid "reinventing the wheel" every time, and repeating the same mistakes?


For a  consistent approach to capturing and sharing lessons learned the project team need to start early, and be assisted in capturing and disseminating the valuable lessons learned.


At Peak Performance PM we provide a fully tailored facilitated Lessons Learned workshop service. This will enable your team members to both set off on the right foot, and to be guided, through a facilitated workshop to capture, ready to share, the key learnings, as they arise.


Using industry standard approaches, we carefully establish the What and the When of capturing lessons learned. We then guide each team member through a complete analysis of why this is important, and what the benefits are in effectively completing this vitally important task. We then offer tips and tricks for sharing the key learnings. This ensures that every team member fully understand both how to capture and record Lessons Learned, and how to share the information.


Next we allow people to evaluate the benefits to themselves, their peers, the organisation and the organisation's clients, in effectively capturing and sharing lessons learned.


These one or two day, fun filled, fully facilitated workshops, consisting of a facilitated workshop, all associated courseware, and one facilitated follow on Momentum Session, are an essential business investment in getting any organisation off on the right foot on the journey to becoming a learning organisation.


The workshops are also a great way to allow participants to earn Professional Development units.


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