Making Teams Work

The Team has just been formed and everyone is euphoric. Both enthusiasm and confidence are high. But somewhere, not too far into the future, the train falls off the track, and what looked like an ideal fit relationship starts to progressively disintegrate.


Alternatively it could be that the Team has been together for a while, evolving as it cruises along, but somehow it just isn't performing, and conflict and stagnation are becoming evident.


We have all seen this before, but why does it happen?


The chances are that the team did not start off on the right foot, or if they have been together a while, then progressive evolution has taken its toll on performance, as individuals have been changed out over time. For a true team relationship to develop we need more than just enthusiasm and confidence - we need trust.


At Peak Performance PM we provide a fully tailored facilitated team building kick off workshop service, to enable your team members to set off on the right foot.


Using more powerful industry standard best practice toolsets, we carefully guide each team member through a complete self analysis program. This allows every team member to understand both how they see things, and more importantly why they see them that way.


We then collectively share our individual personal analyses, so that all team participants understand how every individual in the team sees things, and we learn that we do not all see things the same way. In that way we can begin to understand individual needs, motivations, and behaviours.


Next we allow people to evaluate their own conflict sequences. These are the sequences of behaviours, that the individuals will naturally revert too in times of stress, and how those will be displayed and perceived by others.


We will also explore motivation, and associated theories and toolsets, resolving conflict theories and toolsets, and team building techniques.


These one or two day, fun filled, fully facilitated workshops, consisting of a pre-workshop discussion, with each participant to establish expectations, facilitation of the workshop itself, all associated courseware, and one facilitated follow on Momentum Session, are an essential business investment in getting any internal Functional Team, or Cross Functional Team, off to a great start, and maximising the chances of a sustainable relationship for the duration of the alliance period and beyond.


The workshops are also a great way to allow participants to earn Professional Development units.


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